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Simple and addictive logic puzzle. Pup Place is a fun variation on the "Akari" or "Light Up" logic puzzle game. Pup Place offers hundreds of logical challenges with an adorable animal theme and relaxing piano music for many hours of enjoyment.

Pup Place is also a great "pick-up-and-play" game: most puzzles only take a minute or two to complete. You can choose from Easy, Normal, or Hard mode, and the "Daily Stumper" button offers a new challenging puzzle every day.

The peaceful solo piano music that accompanies the game is from Isaac Shepard's sixth solo piano album, "Mosaic", and is available for purchase at popular online stores, such as: iTunes, Amazon, and Google.



* Click once on a animal or group of animals to select them.
* Click once on an empty path square or in the home area to send the selected animals there. Do not drag the animals... they can walk on their own and through any obstacles in their way.


* All animals must be out of the home area and either eating or sleeping.
* All food bowls must be used.
* All empty paths must be "guarded" by at least one animal.


* Animals cannot eat when there are more squares with food bowls next to them than there are animals in the square. The poor little animals get confused and don't know which bowl to eat from.
* Animals cannot sleep when they are near food or spray bottles, or when they see a clear path to another animal.
* An empty path square is considered "guarded" when it is occupied by one or more animals, or when one or more animals have a clear path to the square.


* Each puzzle has exactly one solution.
* It's possible to solve all Easy and Normal difficulty puzzles without having to make any guesses.
* Press and hold (or right click) an empty path to mark it, indicating that you think animals cannot go there. Press and hold (or right click) again to clear that mark.
* Twin animals must be next to exactly two squares with open food bowls.
* Triplet animals must be next to exactly three squares with open food bowls.
* Quadruplet animals must be next to exactly four squares with open food bowls.